Kim Ensch

Kim has spent many years studying and teaching drawing and painting. Her current work combines assorted hand-painted papers and fibers with found and repurposed objects to create beautiful textural and layered collages. Her award-winning artwork is included in many corporate and national and international private collections.

Joseph Siler

A graduate of the College for Creative Studies, Joe celebrates 37 years as a professional designer, artist, free-lance illustrator and teacher. When not designing cars for the Ford Motor Company, he creates artwork from caricature and Sci-Fi, to abstract and landscape; in acrylic, gouache, pen and ink or watercolor.

Tim Marsh

Focusing on a particular moment in time, Tim arranges elements found in nature to create artwork that tell stories of the natural world. He enjoys illustrating the relationship between these elements and creating an opportunity of exploration and discovery in an unfamiliar environment. His works been installed in national and international exhibitions and are included in many private collections.

Maria Oliva Tyra

Drawing purely from the subconscious, Maria's unique pen and ink drawings feature circles...gears, wheels, buttons, rings, springs, and metal things sometimes wrapped in living biology. A juxtaposition of nature’s creations with humanity’s creations. The artwork that results are surreal still lifes with a steampunk influence which have been aptly described as “elegantly demented.”

Available Artwork through June 2021